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Optimising the Wagon Mix

Mix quality, consistency and presentation are the foundations on which the Keenan System of feeding is built.

It’s all in the mix and it’s important to remember that a Keenan mixer wagon is designed to accurately blend feeds for optimum animal performance – it’s not just a transport box for feeding silage.

There are a huge number of factors that affect how well each Keenan mixer wagon continues to work, some of which impact on maintenance and repair costs and others which actually determine how good the mix is and how well livestock perform.

Start by making sure you’ve got a full set of Belly Blades (these should be regularly sharpened by your Keenan Service Agent) to get the right chop length to prevent cows sorting out long fibre.

Replace Belly Blades that are too worn or missing and check for any misalignment or damage to the paddles. Bent paddles – usually caused by ‘foreign objects’ entering the mixer chamber will reduce the effectiveness of both chopping and mixing and significantly increase the stress and strain on chains, sprockets and bearings.

A full set of paddle rubbers (not worn) is also important as the rubbers not only sweep the floor to ensure fine ingredients are lifted and folded into the mix, but also help push long fibre across the blades for a clean cut.

Avoid overloading – if the feed ingredients aren’t able to ‘tumble’ the mix won’t be even and consistent.

Water / Liquids:

Keenan mixer wagons will handle large quantities of liquid to help mix palatability and promote dry matter intakes.

The chamber isn’t 100% sealed, but if loading order is correct, liquid quantities are right and the big rubber seals between the mixing and auger chambers are maintained, seepage will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Loading Order:

  • Liquids (water & molasses or whey)
  • Minerals
  • Kiwi Fruits / Potatoes / Bread
  • Straw
  • Concentrate Feed (Tapioca etc.)
  • Baleage
  • Grass Silage (Stack)
  • Maize or Cereal Silage