FCE Calculator

Improving FCE means more milk for the same amount of feed. Just a 10% increase in FCE can be worth thousands to your business. Use the calculator below to test this out for your herd.

The average farm in NZ was found to have an FCE of 77gMS/KgDM intake. The target is to reach 100gMS/KgDM, but the top farms get closer to 120gMS/KgDM.

How this works: Enter the number of cows in your herd and the average milksolids per cow. The value of the milk and the cost of the average kilo of dry matter is provided, but you can change any of these variables.

The calculator then estimates how much feed per cow would be needed at the current FCE. It then calculates how much the feed would cost per cow and the milk income per cow. Taking the cost of feed from the milk income leaves us with the Margin Over Feed and Forage (MOFF). The calculator gives us the total extra MOFF. This amount of money is the margin that is available to pay for any infrastructure changes.