Mech-Fiber 380

The Mech-fiber 380 is Keenan’s newest model to bridge the gap between the 20 cubic metre and 28 cubic metre models. Keenan have taken the best features from all the other models to create a really impressive Mixer Wagon.


Specifications Sheet


Body Design

The body design has been optimised to carry the curve of the body around closer to the top knife, to reduce, or remove the effect of a pinch point created after the top knife. This has been designed to reduce the peak power requirement and reduce the stress on the machine in operation.. A typical power unit would be a 115 HP tractor, resulting in a dramatic saving on overall fuel consumption compared with other mixers, despite the larger capacity.

Heavy Duty Chassis, Steering Axles and Road-Suspension

The Mech-fiber 380 comes fitted with tandem or for the utmost manoeuvrability, steering axles. The Mech-fiber 380 manoeuvres more like the smaller MF360. The heavy duty chassis is designed to give the driver improved weight transference and improved stability when travelling at road speeds.

Drive Line Access

The access to the oil bath drive line has been improved by the use of a sealed oil bath, with two full depth fibreglass doors. These allow for both ease of access and excellent access to the complete drive line in open operation.

Increased Mixing Capacity

The versatile capacity of the Mech-fiber 380 mixer is achieved with a longer body and by extending it down into the chassis and lowering the discharge auger to make a wider and deeper mixer. The number of body blades, their set up and location has been reviewed and optimised.

Oil Bath

The three-chain drive system operates in an oil bath keeping all chains lubricated to their optimum levels for safety and longevity. The oil is constantly fed to the chains through a series of strategically placed channels and recycled back to the oil bath. This further improves the dissipation of heat and increases the working life of the chains.

Baleblend™ Big Bale Processing

The Mech-fiber™ 380 can be supplied with the latest Baleblend™ bale chopping technology. Big round or square bales of forage placed directly on the ma-chine’s top cradle are chopped and incorporated into the ration in a matter of minutes.

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